Age: 8

Samuel is forced to grow up fast as his brother, Joshua, is taken by the Devourers. Samuel must overcome his fears and insecurities as he looks for his family and protects his friends.


Age: 12

Marcus, an average 12-year-old with a knack for leadership, must
overcome his captivity as he is taken by the Devourers. Will he ever be found?


Age: 10

Sara, a very strong and caring individual, is an adventurous girl with big dreams. The only thing that she fears is being alone in life and losing her family.


Age: 11

Thomas, the most analytical of the team, is logical and brilliant. He loves to read and talks frequently about the lessons he learned from his grandfather. Thomas fears the dark and does not enjoy adventures.


Age: 7

Lucas, the youngest member of the team and younger brother of Ana, is a creative investigator with a huge imagination. Because Lucas has always been smaller than his peers, he is often intimidated by everything bigger than him.


Age: 10

Ana, the older sister of Lucas, is an introvert. She is shy, sensitive and
very loyal. As a lover of stories and adventure, Ana also struggles with
fears from her past.