About Fear Not

“Fear Not” is about an average boy named Samuel who, upon encountering Jesus, is thrust into an adventure to bring a message of hope to lost people across the Land of the Desolate.

As Samuel is equipped with the Word of God and the Shield of Faith, he must overcome his fears, battle his old ways, and ultimately learn to trust in God’s power as he fights against the powers of evil.

Chapters 1 to 12 of “Fear Not” are now available at Biblescanada.com.

This series is suitable for children 8-12 years old.

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“Fear Not” is a comic book series ideal for kids 8-12 years old. “Fear Not” touches on themes of fear, anxiety, loneliness, and more importantly, how believing in God helps us in our challenges.


Chapters 1-12 Collection: $80.00
Chapters 1-8 Individually: $7.50 each


“Fear Not” features brilliant illustrations and bright colours that children will engage with. “Fear Not” was created and drawn by Ivan Anaya, produced and edited by Pablo Lablois, and coloured by Sofia Gonzalez.

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